Our Technologies 

Worldcare Technologies is developing a device that is based on conventional viral load testing technology, but incorporates automation and element-by-element cost-reduction techniques to achieve minimum cost. We are currently in the research and development stage, validating each individual component of our of our three-step process.



We begin the process of quantifying the amount of virus in the body by isolating the genetic material, RNA, from a patient's blood sample. We use a series of reagents and beads, in combination with our novel electromagnetic chip based solution, to automate the extraction process.


PCR Thermocylcer

After extracting the RNA, the sample is funneled into our low-cost thermocycler that was designed with sustainability in mind. Using easily replaceable parts and a consistent and accurate resistive heating method, we multiply the amount of genetic material present to easily image and quantify the amount of virus.



Our last device component is our low-cost fluorescence quantification imager. The patient sample, along with control standards, is placed into our imager which determines the final viral load. Our limit of detection of 500 copies/mL allows clinicians determine whether patients' antiretroviral therapy regimens are working, and whether a patient needs to switch regimens to avoid contracting AIDS and spreading the disease.