What is HIV viral load testing? 


An inside look  to HIV treatment and the current state of the AIDS epidemic in impoverished nations.

Know your viral load

The "Be Healthy-Know Your Viral Load" campaign aims to educate people living with HIV about the importance of testing. They work to mobilize people to demand routine viral load testing and urge governments to make sure they are accessible and affordable. 





Watch this short, informative film produced by the campaign about the value of HIV viral load testing. 


We hope that our device may be used to aid in the movement to improve access to viral load testing.



HIV, short for the human immunodeficiency virus, is a disease which infects CD4 or "T" cells and causes weakening of the immune system. Viral load testing determines the amount of HIV in blood. Medicine is prescribed to patients according to the results of the viral load test, and is advised to be retested once a year for efficient and safe treatment. 








While first world nations are accustomed to accessibility for viral load testing, many developing countries do not have the same means to be properly diagnosed and treated. This is due to lack of transportation, resources, clinics and most importantly: affordable testing.